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Satin Line Ruffle Bonnet


cotton, satin linning


100% Silk Satin Lined Ruffle Bonnet

Fabric: Silk Satin linning
100% Cotton

Available in this print and other print option

Fit: All hair type


Small(fits children and adult with short hair)

Medium( fits regular/medium hair length)

large( Fits long hair,braids and locs)

Benefits of wearing a custom silk satin lined bonnet:

With this Silky smooth satin it helps to keep moisture in your hair, which then helps to reduce breakages, tangles and thinning. They’re light-weight, hypoallergenic, and breathable. Complimenting with bold prints that’s perfect for any occasion.

Other Benefits:

  • Double Layers for extra protection while wearing
  • Reversible for fashionable appearance
  • Large enough space for your hairstyles
  • Reduce Frizz for better looking hair
  • Prevents breakages, thinning, and split ends because your hair is no longer rubbing against other fabrics while you sleep.

Please allow 1-3 business day for your order to be shipped once order has been placed


Satin Line Ruffle Bonnet

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